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To develop, learn about, practice and promote a small-scale model for community living that is socially, economically and environmentally mindful, in order to improve the quality of life for present and future generations of humans and other living beings.


Our goal is to play a role in the transition to a higher quality of life by becoming a healthy, food-secure, land-based community that is an inspiration to others. We are here to learn to live in a community that fosters rewarding, healthy and creative living. We are here to develop the emotional maturity and practical skills required to respect the boundaries and bounties of nature, of ourselves, and of the others within our community.


1) We will develop and manage this small property in an ecologically mindful way for low-impact residential use, production of food and value-added products, and for the creation of space for the exchange of knowledge, skills and wisdom.

2) We will research, practice, demonstrate, teach and promote resilient models of living.

3) Our long-term residents we be provided with a healthy accommodation and an opportunity to grow food and share in the harvests.

4) We will create a place that values the transition of knowledge between different generations


We will serve our purpose and mission by adhering to the following guiding values and principles.

  1. Living on the land in socially, economically and ecologically mindful ways.
  2. Co-existing in a primarily drug and alcohol-free environment
  3. Continual learning and teaching.
  4. Employing sound economic planning.
  5. Using inclusive and transparent decision-making, with a clear structure for conflict resolution.
  6. Having an emphasis on personal spiritual development.
  7. Striving to grow everything we eat and to create a surplus. Striving to augment our food with as much locally and organically grown food as we can afford.
  8. Considering all the costs involved in our food choices and challenging ourselves to make changes that result in reducing our impact on each other and the natural systems we are part of.
  9. Reducing consumption. Conserving energy and resources. Producing no waste.
  10. Utilizing eco-friendly forms of transportation- i.e.: walking, cycling, car pooling, car-sharing, public transit
  11. Sharing and exchanging services with each other as a means to support each other
  12. Striving to maintain a visual aesthetic within the residences and on the property. Garbage as art is permissible, garbage lying around is unforgiveable.
  13. Individually and collectively functioning in an ethical and respectful manner when dealing with others.
  14. Agreeing to consider the impact of our actions and treat each other with kindness and compassion. Honoring our commitments to the each other, as a resident and as community members.
  15. Taking responsibility for our individual economic stability (beyond the share in harvest provided in your agreement as a resident and contributing community member).   If income can be generated within the community through the development of businesses, that could be a wonderful way to supplement resident(s) income.