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Thank you for booking your stay with Hillhouse microFarm and Vacation Rentals. Please review the following rules and policies:

  • Cancellation Policy
    More than 60 days notice: 100% refund
    Fewer than 60, more than 30 days notice: 50% refund
    Less than 30 days notice: no refund
  • House Rules
    We ask that that guests clean up after themselves if they use the kitchen, and leave it in much the same condition as it was on their arrival.
    Smoking and vaping are not permitted in the house.
    Please remove your shoes upon entering the house.
    Follow campfire bans when in effect.
    Follow instructions for recycling, garbage, and compost disposal.

House Manual
We are very pleased to have you staying with us and will do everything we can to ensure you have a good stay. Please let us know right away if there is anything we can do to make your visit a happier experience. We’re only happy if you are!

This being said, we do only charge very minimal cleaning fees, and expect you to make every effort to leave the place clean and tidy. Especially the kitchens!

We’re here to help you have an exceptional visit

I will be staying  just a few minutes away, so feel free to contact me if you need anything or have any questions. If it’s after 10pm or before 8, please wait to contact me unless someone or something is in danger. Sunday morning (around 11) is my normal scheduled time to come by to check on the house, water plants and take care of anything that needs taking care of, but it’s easy for me to come by if there’s anything that needs attention in between times.

Things you should know

  • We are on a septic system. Please do not flush anything except toilet paper down the toilet!
  • We are on a community water system that does not sterilize water. Water from the tap comes from a creek. We have never had any issues at all, but if you have a compromised immune system, you should consider using boiled or bottled water.
  • Snow happens. We have a contracted snow plow to clear the driveway, but not all cars are created equal. You can park on the road if your car can’t get up the drive, and enjoy a short snowy walk to the house.
  • Since the house is on the edge of the forest, wildlife is common. Stow food and food waste as directed to avoid unwanted visitors of the four- and six-legged varieties (mostly skunks and ants but sometimes bears).


Checkout time is 11 am. Please turn off all the lights and heaters, put room keys on hooks in rooms, and make sure the doors are locked when you leave. Give us a call or text to let us know you’re headed out. Travel safely!


The Hillhouse has a natural gas furnace which is set on a programmable thermostat on the wall by the stairs on the main floor. Feel free to adjust (up button or down button) if things get too chilly or toasty, though we ask that you consider other guests and the environment when adjusting the thermostat. There is a natural gas fireplace in the living room. The thermostat is on the wall in the dining room just behind the fireplace. If you turn up the heat on the fireplace, please remember to turn the fireplace down when you go to bed or leave the house.

There is a wood stove in the basement, which comes in handy if you’re drying out ski gear or rain wear. Please ask us if you want to use this, and let us show you how it works.

If temperatures are very low (-10 C), please leave the doors of the vanity open in the Aspen Suite bathroom – otherwise the pipes may freeze.

The Bee Inn has an in-wall hot water heating system that has two zones, upstairs (living room and kitchen) and downstairs (bedrooms). You may adjust the heat by adjusting the thermostats (up button and down button) if things get too chilly or toasty. Be aware that the Bee Inn has a very efficient heating system, which will increase past the temperature the thermostat is set at because it will heat a large mass of wall. For that reason the heat is set at 67 degrees F as the normal temperature.



The gourmet kitchen  at The Hillhouse has a full range of appliances and amenities.

Hillhouse and Bee Inn: Feel free to use the coffee, tea, condiments, and any food we leave out for you. Please use a cutting board on all surfaces, and hand wash and dry sharp knives after use. There are garbage containers for your (minimal) unrecyclable waster. There are recycling bins clearly marked, and compost pails for organic materials. Please put meat and fat waste in a plastic bag in the freezer to avoid wildlife conflicts. There are a gas grill outside next to each house under a cover. Please put the cover back on it once it has cooled down, and turn off the gas when you are finished.

Do not leave food out on the counter because ants will find it and invade any time of year! If you have an invasion of ants, something that happens from time to time, let us know so we can deal with them.



We don’t offer a cleaning service during your stay, so it will be up to you to keep your room tidy. If you’re renting a room in the Hillhouse (as opposed to the whole house) and you feel another guest has left a common area unclean, give us a call and we’ll take care of it right away.

Western Conifer Seed bugs (Leptoglossus occidentalis) aka “stink bugs” are a feature of life in the Kootenays. Every fall, adults look for nice toasty places to spend the winter. Places like our house. We remove them constantly, but they are around. Just toss them outside if you find any!


The front door of the Hillhouse is on a key code with an automatic lock. There are two doors from the dining room and a sliding door in the basement which should be kept locked when not in active use. Each room has a lock on the door – please protect your belongings by keeping them inside your locked room when not in use, just as you would at a hotel. We have never had crime at the house in 18 years, but we don’t want you to be the first victim.

The Bee Inn will be left open for you once we know when you are arriving, and the keys for each door will be hanging on a post just inside each of the four entrances.

Interface Fire Safety

Since the house is backed by thousands of acres of forest, the possibility of fire is very real. Please abide by fire restrictions in summer months (we’ll let you know when you check in). In the unlikely but possible event that there is a fire nearby, we will be in touch with you about evacuation procedures.

Misc Issues

In the unlikely event of a power outage, please phone us so we can come help you find candles, ways to heat water, stay warm, and generally figure things out. If you should happen to blow a breaker, there’s a breaker panel in the back basement workshop area, on the left-hand wall, or call us so we can walk you through the procedure.

Activities Around the Property

Gardens – Make yourself at home in the gardens, but please don’t pick food or flowers. We’ll be happy to provide you a basket of fresh seasonal fruits and veggies when they are available – just ask! There is an electric bear fence that really is electric – don’t touch it!

Wood-fired Sauna – The wood fired sauna is just up the hill from the carport. There is wood stacked behind the building for our guests – just build a fire in the woodstove. Plan on at least 20 minutes for the room to warm up, depending on your fire building skills and your temperature preference. Although the stove is safe, please make sure the fire is out before calling it a day.

Fire pitsThe Hillhouse Inn and the Bee Inn each have dedicated fire pits.  Please use reasonable precautions when using them, and observing all fire bans when in effect.

Trails – follow the trail behind the sauna up to the forest road (past the cell tower). There is a trail network above the forest road, and the powerline right of way goes for many kilometers in both directions.