//‘Tag Ends’

‘Tag Ends’

plural noun: tag ends
1. the last remaining part of something.
“the tag end of the season”

The last remaining parts. For me, now, this means dealing with the tag-ends of vegetables from last year. It’s an important, enjoyable, and rewarding task.

I come from a family where nothing was wasted. Was it because my mother lived through the great depression with so little to eat? Perhaps. Or perhaps it’s some primal urge of mine from different times. In either case, this is the time of year when I look around, take stock, and deal with food before it goes bad.

The apples from last year, an odd variety (golden and red sentinels) have kept well, but they are getting a bit wizened. Skins peeled off and cut into wedges they make tasty dried morsels to snack on while I am finishing the garden plan for the year.

Finally, finally! I am able to get out to the garden. There are leeks to be harvested, trimmed and thoroughly washed. A nice haul, enough to share with friends and co-workers. There are also Brussels sprouts. Should have been able to eat them all winter, but couldn’t get to them this year: too much snow.

Alas, the carrots I left in the ground for spring were mined by a mole, vole, mouse, or some other critter. I got ONE. Sigh. I’m loathe to share with the furry critters but I’m afraid it goes with the territory. Create abundance and it will be shared.

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