//Rabbits and Plums

Rabbits and Plums

IMG_20160806_101037The golden plums are wonderful this year. After many years of just producing a bucket or two at most, we’ve harvested about 40 pounds of fruit this year, with more to come. I made a wonderful plum and blackberry jam yesterday, and have of course eaten a fair share. Tomorrow a whole bunch will be pitted and go straight into the freezer. And after that, well, perhaps a plum tart or two….

IMG_20160801_134008I had a wonderful helper for the last two weeks. Dominic from Quebec came to learn about sustainable gardening, help me with the harvest and garden care, and he even had time to work on some bigger projects AND he kept the place tidy. I have no end of gratitude for his dedication and hard work, and for all the others that have passed through and added their wisdom, strength and experience to the property.

And just for fun, the resident garden bunny came to help me pick the plums this morning. He was grateful for the windfall, and I was grateful for the company.IMG_20160806_095842IMG_20160806_095858

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