//Green Roof Workshop

Green Roof Workshop

Learn how to design and install a living roof. Our stunning Hillhouse has been designed and prepared to have a green roof and we are leaving the fun part to our class participants. May 4, 2014

This class will start with the theory of green roof installations, and commence to actually mixing the growing medium, covering a portion of the Hillhouse roof with it, and planting the succulents that will take over and form the living portion of the roof.

Students will learn all things ‘Green Roof’: drainage components, soils, appropriate plants, structural considerations, and other important principles. Introductory presentations will provide clear visuals and a chance for open discussion. Students will then have the opportunity to participate in an extensive green roof installation, including roof drainage layers, placing planting medium and plant starts. The goal of the class is to allow each participant to gain experience with the function and feel of green roof elements and gain an appreciation of how components work together. With a solid understanding of basic principles, students should be able to adapt and personalize their future green roof work.

Our instructor for this class is Paula Kiss of The Building Tree in Nelson, BC. Paula was educated as a Civil Engineer but let her career wander somewhat in order to delve into deeper social and ecological context of design and construction. She appreciates the examples that nature provides, inspiring us to also integrate beauty, efficiency, adaptability and diversity into everyday built environments. Paula grew up in rural Saskatchewan and worked internationally for several years where she paid great attention to traditional building methods and lifestyles. She relocated to Nelson in 2007 and has since devoted her energy to the promotion and adoption of more sustainable building practices.

Class size will be limited to 12 participants.


Before March 31: $100+GST

After March 31: $120+GST

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