3120 Keniris Rd     Nelson, BC     250-825-0048


 We are located a 15-minute drive or bus ride from the vibrant and eclectic mountain town of Nelson, BC.  The neighboring properties are all 3+ acre parcels, and our neighbours are a diverse bunch. There is much potential for sharing, stacking functions so to speak, on the road where we live.            

The surrounding countryside is beautiful, peaceful, and wild. We are nestled in the rugged Selkirk mountains in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. At any time, you may encounter deer or wild turkey in the yard, and sometimes a black bear will wander through. In the surrounding mountains there are coyotes (often heard but seldom seen), rabbits, elk, marmots, wolverine, cougar, and various other wild residents.

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5 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi Paula,

    I am interested in your upcoming workshop as well as opportunities to work on/invest in your farm. I am a psychiatrist from Alberta. I took a year sabbatical and went to Washington State (Alderleaf Wilderness College) to study ecology(naturalist skills,outdoor leadership,permaculture design certificate, tracking, ethnobotany,survival skills) and then moved to Nelson July 2013. I haven’t resumed practicing medicine yet and would prefer the opportunity to apply what I learned last year,keep learning , and studying and practicing permaculture.

    If you’re open to meet and talk I’d love to come out to your farm for a visit.

    Sincerely, Christine

  2. Hi, Christine: You didn’t leave me any contact information to reply directly to you, but I would be more than happy to have you come out and have a look-see, and talk about how it might work for you to become part of the process and practice here!

  3. Everything looking so great, Paula! Congratulations–your dream is clearly becoming a reality!!! Inspiring workshops with very cool and useful topics! Way to go! Now if things settle down again, say in a month or two (and maybe after school is out?!!!) we should get together for lunch again. I hope you get a chance to enjoy it all, and know you are really, truly, “living the dream!!!”

    Love and hugs,


  4. Aloha Paula!!!!!

    I am over the moon to discover this amazing project of yours! I happened almost by accident, and what a joy it is. As usual, you are full of creativity, and surprises! I’ve been doing some landscaping lately and am just about to embark on a project turning my small property into a beautiful garden – a challenging task I will tell you about. I’ll call you very soon,



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