3120 Keniris Rd     Nelson, BC     250-825-0048

email: paula@hillhousefarm.ca

 We are located a 15-minute drive or bus ride from the vibrant and eclectic mountain town of Nelson, BC.  The neighboring properties are all 3+ acre parcels, and our neighbours are a diverse bunch. There is much potential for sharing, stacking functions so to speak, on the road where we live.            

The surrounding countryside is beautiful, peaceful, and wild. We are nestled in the rugged Selkirk mountains in the West Kootenay region of southeastern British Columbia. At any time, you may encounter deer or wild turkey in the yard, and sometimes a black bear will wander through. In the surrounding mountains there are coyotes (often heard but seldom seen), rabbits, elk, marmots, wolverine, cougar, and various other wild residents.

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