Workshop Call Out!

Snow's Hillhouse Microfarm is looking ahead to fall and learning time! If you're inspired to lead a workshop on permaculture, including green building,  communications, food production, waste reduction, or related topics, please get in touch to discuss how we might work together. Here are some topics that seem interesting to us: Principles of Permaculture (What [...]

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Sauna Workshop Series

We are so excited to be announcing this series of workshops that will teach you all the steps you will need to build yourself a sauna, or any small auxiliary building for that matter! Dates: Framing in May, others in June 2014, exact dates listed below Price: See appropriate course for prices. Workshop #1: Framing for Beginners [...]

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Rocket Mass Heater Workshop

 APRIL 26-28  3 days of R.M.H. geekery, building, fun, and laughs. We will be going over the science behind Rocket Mass Heaters, we’ll build a demo and a real unit, talk about heating with an R.M.H. and even do some bobcat cob for the bench!Due to the time of year, camping will not be available. [...]

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