Preparing the permaculture garden canvas

Preparing the canvas is the beginning of any painting. What you paint on determines, to a large degree, the quality of the outcome. I know a painter that used oil paints on slabs of wood when he couldn’t afford canvas. The slabs were sometimes planed and polished, and sometimes left raw. Two totally different effects [...]

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Divide and conquer

It’s exponential. Remember that concept from grade school? “Use exponentially when you want to say that something's increasing quickly by large amounts. Your friends and colleagues will be pleased to hear that your vocabulary is growing exponentially. The root of exponentially is the French verb exponere, meaning “to put out.”” Hahaha. ‘To put out’. That’s what can happen, when you get a [...]

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New Faces at Snow’s Hillhouse

There are two new faces working on the place, and it’s great to have them here! Darlene Avis comes to us from Nelson, bringing a wealth of gardening experience and an eagerness to learn new things. We have been busy with chores, working between the rains to get the soil ready for planting: tidying up the [...]

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