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Divide and conquer

It’s exponential. Remember that concept from grade school? “Use exponentially when you want to say that something's increasing quickly by large amounts. Your friends and colleagues will be pleased to hear that your vocabulary is growing exponentially. The root of exponentially is the French verb exponere, meaning “to put out.”” Hahaha. ‘To put out’. That’s what can happen, when you get a [...]

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Hiring-Garden Manager

Snow's Hillhouse Microfarm and Vacation Rental is looking for a qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable gardener to oversee small-scale production of food and flowers and do yard maintenance, starting June 5th. This seasonal position generally begins in March with seed starting and continues through harvest, with hours increasing to 20-30 hours per week as the growing season [...]

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‘Tag Ends’

plural noun: tag ends 1. the last remaining part of something. "the tag end of the season" The last remaining parts. For me, now, this means dealing with the tag-ends of vegetables from last year. It’s an important, enjoyable, and rewarding task. I come from a family where nothing was wasted. Was it because my [...]

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