Welcome to Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm… Abundant, Creative, Evolving.


Who We Are

Welcome to Snow’s Hillhouse Mircofarm, a 3.5 Acre permaculture property located 10 km east of the West Kootenay mountain town of Nelson, BC, Canada.

Up till now, we have been focused on becoming a self-sustaining, permaculture-based model of self-suffience,  growing a large and diverse number of edible foods organically, preserving the harvest for our own use, and following methods that are compatible with attracting and living in harmony with other creatures.

Now, in the fall of 2016, we are opening up rooms for short-term visitors.  Our visitors will, if they wish, have the opportunity to learn more about our methods of growing and preserving food, take part in some of the activities on the farm, and share some of our yummy fresh, preserved, or prepared food. For more detailed information about us, our vision and about the land and buildings, visit About UsVision and Mission, and our Photo Gallery.

What We Do

In 2017, we will continue to develop permaculture solutions and applications, focusing on maximizing the yield from our gardens. We will be developing workshops and classes for keen learners from near and far. For a list of past workshops offered (to give you an idea about the types of future workshops we will likely be offering) visit Classes and Workshops.

For more information about ways to become involved at Snow’s Hillhouse Microfarm, and about the kinds of interests and skills we are often seeking, visit About Us and read through the section on “What We Need”.

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